Is it time for an estate sale?

The whole idea can be rather overwhelming.  We understand what you are going through and will do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you from start to finish.

1st Step…Free consultation.  

During this meeting we:

  • Discuss your needs and timeline

  • Decide on a tentative date for the sale

  • Discuss after sale options

  • Take pictures to begin marketing the sale

2nd Step…Sorting and set up process

  • We sort through items in the house

  • We bring in tables and shelving units to ensure items are displayed nicely

  • Research items to ensure they are priced just right.

3rd Step…The Sale

  • Sufficient staff to cover sale

  • Comfortable shopping atmosphere

  • Normally sell 90% of what is in the house

4th Step…Payment

  • You receive a basic summary sheet of sale totals

  • A check for the proceeds of the sale within 7-14 days after sale ends

It’s that easy!

Remember ~ Don’t throw ANYTHING away!  Some of the most valuable items are disguised as junk.  Let us determine what is to be thrown away.

Estate Sale Prep:

Schedule the estate sale BEFORE you put the house on the market.  Houses can sometimes sell within days of going on the market. Don’t let your realtor talk you into putting the house on the market before you have a sale planned.  Also don’t let the realtor list the market as immediate occupancy upon closing. You need time to get rid of the stuff in the house before you turn the keys over to the new owners.

Don’t clean out the house!  Don’t donate anything! Don’t throw anything away!  You’ll be amazed at what is valuable!

I’d be more than happy to come by and look at the estate before you start going through it.  I can give you pointers that will help save you time, money and energy.

Following is a short, incomplete list of items that will sell at estate sales:

  • Half used spices

  • Half used bottles of cleaners like Pledge, Comet, etc.

  • Old clothing- doesn’t matter the age; don’t donate any clothing

  • Old linens

  • Old books

  • Old calendars

  • Furniture that needs repair

  • Unopened packages of food

  • Any household item!

The best thing to do is leave the house as it is.  Don’t worry about trying to clean the house up before we come over.  We’ll do some cleaning during the set up.

The time to call is NOW! I’ll guarantee that if you start throwing items in the trash you’ll end up throwing out something valuable.  

How are items Priced at the sale?

We price the items for what they will sell for, not necessarily what they are worth.  After all an item is only worth what someone will pay for it. It does no good for us to price things higher than they will sell for; you’ll just be stuck with the item after the sale and that doesn’t help you.  We have to take into account the demographics of the area, some areas we are able to price items higher, some areas lower.

How many employees will be at the sale?

The number of staff we have at your sale will depend on the size of the house.  There will be enough there to efficiently run the sale. Our employees are wonderful!  We help customer’s carry their bags or items to the car if they need help. We often will help them load larger items.  Sometimes our helping customers help make the sale. Many customers are amazed at the friendliness of our staff and willingness to help them carry their purchases to their cars.

Should the house be up for sale before or after the sale?

We recommend listing the house on the market a couple days before the sale.  We recommend the realtor have flyers with information about the house available.  If you feel you must list the house before the estate sale, make sure you schedule the estate sale before putting the house on the market.

How many people come to your sales?

On average we estimate 200-400 people come through each day of the sale depending on how large the sale is.

What do we (the family) have to do to get ready for the sale?

First thing is to remove any items you do not want sold and any personal paperwork.  Make sure you don’t throw anything away nor donate anything.

How much time do you need to set up for the sale?

In a perfect world we like at least a month.  It’s not that it takes us that long to do the set up, it is the research on the items that often takes the most time.  We have done sales in much less time; I would have to see the house to know how long the setup would take.

What happens with the more expensive items during the sale?

During the sale the more expensive items will be displayed where the cash table is.  We also have locking showcases if needed.

Can the family members be present at the estate sale?

Family members are always welcome to the sale, to stop in and see how things are going then leave.  We do not recommend the family being present at the sale because it causes the customers to be uncomfortable and not want to buy items.  It can be very hard emotionally on family members. It is similar to a family being home during the showing of a house, not a good thing.

Can the family be living in the house during set up and/or the sale?

NO ~ we will be in your way; you will be in our way.  Moving is stressful enough, when the family is still in the house the stress level rises even higher.  We want you to take all the items you are keeping and move out of the house before we start setting up.

Who does the set up?  Who does the pricing?

My trained staff will do the set up with guidance form me.  I personally do the pricing with a couple members of my team.

What is your discounting schedule during the sale?

For sales that are three days long, we are negotiable on the second day of the sale.  We build in negotiating room into the price. My job is to get you the most money as possible for your items.  At the same time making sure the customers is happy with their purchase and wants to come back to my sales. We do go half off or more at some point in the sale.  We also conduct a bag sale toward the end of the sale; the time is determined by the length of the sale. The goal is to clear that house out for you.

What is your commission?

My commission varies based on the size of the job, size of the sale and other factors.  It can be anywhere from 35%-50%. I need to see the house before I can give you a definite commission.  Please call to set up an appointment. If items leave the sale after they have been agreed upon as being part of the sale, the percentage lost may be added to the final commission.